Osizweni SAPS arrest two alleged drug dealers, how do you know if a loved one is addicted to drugs?

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Drug abuse continues to run rife within the community, as the SAPS continue their war against the illicit drug trade.

Recently, Osizweni police held an intelligence-driven operation. Joining forces with the Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit and Osizweni Reservists, the team of officers conducted two raids after receiving information about drugs being sold in Section B, Osizweni.

At the first house, police recovered two full mandrax tablets, as well as a small plastic bag containing crushed mandrax. At the second house, the officers recovered four full mandrax tablets and one quarter mandrax tablet.

Captain Jabulani Ncube, Newcastle police spokesperson, says the operation yielded a positive result with two suspects being taken into custody. He explains they will now appear at the Madadeni Magistrate Court for possession of mandrax.

While drugs such as mandrax offer users an escape from reality, the devasting effects drug use have on individuals and communities cannot be ignored. But how does one know if a loved one is abusing drugs?

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health explains there are a substantial number of tell-tale signs. These include:

Signs of Drug Abuse and Drug Equipment

  • Possession of drug-related equipment such as pipes, rolling papers or small decongestant bottles
  • Possession of drugs, peculiar plants, butts, seeds or leaves in ashtrays or in clothing pockets
  • An odour of drugs, the smell of incense or other “cover-up” scents

Identification with Drug Culture

  • Drug-related magazines, slogans on clothing and posters
  • Conversations and jokes that are preoccupied with drugs
  • Hostility in discussing drugs
  • Music which glorifies drugs

Signs of Physical Deterioration

  • Memory lapses, short attention span, difficulty in concentration
  • Poor physical coordination, slurred or incoherent speech
  • Unhealthy appearance, indifference to hygiene and grooming
  • Bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils – often find them using eye drops in their eyes

Changes in Behaviour

  • Chronic dishonesty (lying, stealing, cheating)
  • Changes in friends, evasiveness in talking about new friends
  • Possession of large amounts of money
  • Increasing and inappropriate anger, hostility, irritability and secretiveness
  • Reduced motivation, energy, self-discipline and self-esteem
  • Diminished interest in extracurricular activities and hobbies

If you or a loved one is facing drug addiction, it is of the utmost importance to receive the necessary help. SANCA can be contacted on 034 312 3641.

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