Team effort sees seven kittens rescued from a drain in the CBD

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The sound of a small kitten meowing for help echoes out a drainpipe. Then, six more kittens meow out for help, the urgency in their small voices leaving no shadow of a doubt that they need immediate help.

On Monday, March 16, the Newcastle SPCA received a call from Newcastle Protection Services to assist in rescuing kittens from a drain in Harding Street.

“The Protection Services had managed to rescue five kittens, by letting a rope down into the drain, so the kittens could climb up,” says Heather Gero of Newcastle SPCA.

However, two kittens could not make it up the rope and were in dire need of assistance.

Rushing to the scene, Heather immediately tried to assist in rescuing the two remaining kittens. “I could hear two meows, one closer to us and another a bit more in the distance.”

While doing their utmost best to save the two kittens, neither the SPCA nor the Protection Services could get to them. “We didn’t have the necessary equipment and we needed a camera to see where the kittens were. After some time, we got assistance from Dawie Grobelaar from Drain Corporation, who had a camera to send in the drain and locate the kittens,” Heather explains.

Coming to their aid early on Tuesday morning, March 19, the camera was sent in down the drain and the remaining two kittens were saved.

“Unfortunately, one of the kittens did not make it, but the other six are all doing well at the SPCA.”

With the kittens on the path to recovery, Heather encourages Newcastillians to ensure all their drainpipes are covered at their homes.

“The kittens’ mother was nowhere in sight and the drainpipes all connect to each other. Please ensure your drains at home are covered; so that your animals are not able to get into them,” she emphasises.

Heather further extends a heartfelt thanks to both the Protection Services and Drain Corporation for their assistance. “This shows what can be achieved when people unite for a common goal,” she says.

Heather Gero of Newcastle SPCA spending time with the rescued kittens.

With the kittens recovering from their ordeal in the drains, Newcastillians are encouraged to support the SPCA and adopt a pet.

For information on how to adopt a pet, be sure to contact the SPCA on 034 318 2346. Or visit them at their premises at Sampson Avenue, Barry Hertzog Park.

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