Frikkie Meyer Avenue, Barry Hertzog Park, rocked by two serious accidents

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This past weekend saw two accidents in Frikkie Meyer Avenue, Barry Hertzog Park, leaving eight people injured, one of them in critical condition and another dead.

On Saturday morning, March 14, shortly after 4am, a vehicle with six occupants crashed into a tree. One man sustained critical injuries, while another one was seriously injured and four others sustained moderate injuries.

Jan-Henk van Vuuren of WATCO Emergency Medical Services explains the driver of the vehicle was heavily entrapped. The Newcastle Fire Department with the assistance of a towing service had to extricate the injured man from the wreckage using the Jaws of Life. The six injured persons were rushed to a local hospital for further care.

On Sunday afternoon, March 15, a collision left one man with critical injuries and woman with serious injuries after a bakkie ploughed into them.

As per witnesses, they were all walking in a group when the bakkie drove into them. Medics from both WATCO and ER24 worked together to stabilise the injured, before rushing them to hospital.

Unfortunately, one of the pedestrians later died in hospital due to the extent of his injuries.

The cause of the accidents is still unclear and will be investigated by the South African Police Services.

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