Itec Newcastle collaborates with St Dominics Newcastle for upcoming golf day

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Come April 18, St Dominics Newcastle will be holding its annual golf day, an event which is set to create a vibrant atmosphere in the name of good sportsmanship.

With just over a month until the event takes place, Itec Newcastle has come aboard as the main sponsor of the day.

Dèhan Bezuidenhout of Itec explains, that Itec is more than a business which offers technology services to Newcastle. “It is all about collaboration. We collaborate with schools, businesses and the community to ensure Newcastle receives the same level of service as those in cities would get.”

By collaborating with St Dominics Newcastle, Dèhan explains Itec is investing in the community.

Keagan and Ronnie Naidoo from Itec Newcastle with Jolandie Jacobs and Bryn Thomas of St Dominics Newcastle.

St Dominics Newcastle’s Executive Head, Bryn Thomas adds that Itec has always been supportive of St Dominics.

“They believe in our product and have invested a massive chunk into the golf day. Itec also aligns with what we in St Dominics Newcastle believe in, that is excellence. It is important to align with those who have high standards. We at St Dominics do not apologise for our high standards,” Mr Thomas emphasizes.

Well done to Itec for investing in St Dominics Newcastle, as the school continuously pursues excellence as it builds a solid foundation for our future leaders.

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