School News: St Dominics Newcastle and Amajuba School take to the sports field

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Throughout the school year, learners find themselves pursuing academic excellence. However, as important as academics are, sports also plays an instrumental role in a learner’s school journey.

Recently, Amajuba School and St Dominics Newcastle have highlighted the excitement which sport has to offer learners at a school level.

Amajuba School’s u/13 hockey team participated in the Spur Sports Festival which took place at Ferrum High School from February 21 to February 22.

Through their talent and under the guidance of their coach, Chané Mackenzie, the Amajuba School’s u/13 team claimed victory in their division.

During the sports festival, the team went against Drakensberg Primary, Arbor Park Primary and Huttenpark Primary.

The Amajuba team drew with Drakensberg, nil-nil; while defeating both Arbor Park and Huttenpark Primary with a score of one-zero.

Following the conclusion of the tournament, Aphile Ndima was chosen as Player of the Match for two games.

Shaneka Breytenbach was chosen for Player of the Match for one game. Shaneka was also selected as Player of the Tournament. Her signature move is to dodge the opponent, dribble fast and then end with a shot at the goal.

Shaneka Breytenbach proudly holds her trophy.

Congratulations to the Amajuba School’s u/13 hockey team for securing the win in their division.

Amajuba School also recently participated in the annual Huttenpark Primary School Soapbox Derby, where the Amajuba High School team clinched victory.

As Amajuba School takes pride in its sports accolades, the 1st boys and 1st girls hockey teams from St Dominics Newcastle are amped for the hockey season.

On Wednesday, February 26, Rob Hoatson of Thirsti Water sponsored both the teams with a new kit, which will reflect the effort the two teams’ put into their beloved sport.

St Dominics Newcastle’s Girls hockey first team.

With the teams’ ecstatic about the sponsorship, St Dominics Newcastle’s Executive Head, Bryn Thomas, reminded the players on the importance of hard work and remembering those who assisted them on their path to success, such as their teachers, coaches and parents.

The school extends a heartfelt thanks to Rob Hoatson of Thirsti Water for his generous contribution to the two hockey teams.

The St Dominics Newcastle Boys hockey first team.


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