Newcastle’s water supply under threat of sabotage

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A dark cloud looms over Newcastle. Is the local infrastructure under threat? Will the town’s water supply run dry through an act of sabotage?

This follows the Newcastle Municipality releasing a statement regarding threats of Newcastle’s water supply being deliberately disrupted.

The statement claims municipal officials received a tip-off that a group of disgruntled community members will be attempting to create panic by damaging pipes which supply the municipality with water.

Furthermore, the tip-off allegedly states the intention is to call for another total shutdown of the town.

But why damage the water supply to Newcastle to create panic and initiate another town shutdown?

According to the statement, the intention of the planned sabotage is to influence public perception and render the municipality dysfunctional. The group also plans to tamper with the municipality’s reservoirs.

However, the Newcastle Municipality assures they will be taking the necessary steps to protect the water supply. The threat will be reported to the Newcastle SAPS, while the municipality’s law enforcement agency will be monitoring all its water supply pipes.

With the act of sabotage lurking over Newcastle, Mayor Cllr. Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba reiterated his calls to invite aggrieved parties to engage in a constructive dialogue.

“We honestly can’t have people temper with a key resource that gives life to thousands of residents,” he says.

Through the threats, Dr Mahlaba states it is evident that these are individuals who are not willing to engage in a diplomatic manner with the municipality.

“Unfortunately, they now want to hold our residents at ransom. We strongly condemn this planned deliberate sabotage. Damaging municipal property is an act of criminality. We are a listening municipality and we will never turn away residents with genuine concerns,” Cllr. Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba concludes.

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