Fiery inferno ravages house in Amajuba Park

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A billowing cloud of smoke fills the morning skies, passers-by stop and watch on in amazement as a house is engulfed in flames. The sounds of sirens blare as emergency personnel rush to the scene.

This morning, February 17, a home in a Leopard Avenue, Amajuba Park, sustained substantial damage after an inferno ravaged the building.

“The fire was reported at 6.30am. Fortunately, the property was vacant and there were no injuries,” explains Jan-Henk van Vuuren, WATCO Emergency Medical Services.

A firefighter controls the water supply, as his colleagues extinguish the flames.

Newcastle Fire Department rushed to the scene, extinguishing the flames before it caused further damage or spread to nearby homes.

A police official on the scene explains there will be a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire.

Newcastle’s fire department and WATCO Emergency Medical Services on scene.
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