St Dominics Newcastle prepares to host St Dominics Game Changer Day

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In the pursuit of knowledge and growth, education plays a pivotal role in a child’s development. However, school life is not just about attending class.

On March 7, St Dominics Newcastle will be hosting an extraordinary day. A day which will truly be a game-changer.

Set to start at 8am, the St Dominics Game Changer Day will be a combination of activities, all of which focus on the school.

The first focus will be on the school’s annual open day, where parents and potential learners can learn about the different facets of St Dominics Newcastle.

While giving visitors a better understanding of St Dominics Newcastle, the day will not revolve solely around the school’s academic excellence. The St Dominics Game Changer will also see Planet Fitness Just Gym hosting Zumba and Just Move Classes, where parents and children can enjoy a morning of fitness.

For those who enjoy gaming, there will be a BYOC Lan which will run until 12pm.

Hockey enthusiasts also have much to look forward to at the event, with the St Dominics Newcastle preseason boys’ hockey participating in a closed tournament on the day.

Coffee and eats will be available on the day.

Be sure not to miss out St Dominics Game Changer Day, as it promises to be a fun-filled day for the entire family.

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