What do you love about Newcastle and what makes our community special? The Newcastillian finds out…

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Newcastle is a town like no other, its sense of community unrivalled. Whether it is through sharing our frustration over the current load shedding via social media, occasionally protesting or uniting to help the less fortunate, Newcastle is truly a unique town.

Despite the faults in our town, what do we as a community love about our town? And what makes us true Newcastillians?

In order to find out what makes Newcastle and its community special, the Newcastillian asks residents their thoughts. This is what they have to say…

Louis Eksteen

“I would have to say, I love Newcastle because it is a medium-sized town which provides us with everything we need. There is also not a lot of traffic and there is of course the historical sites and scenic landscapes which surrounds us.”

When it comes to what makes a person a true Newcastillian, Louis explains it is our community’s sense of friendliness.

“Newcastillians are friendly, positive and homely people. They are also good-willed and caring people, who are always willing to help others.”

Lerato Mdlalose

“I love Newcastle because it is a beautiful town, where the people are free-spirited and have warmth around them.”

Lerato emphasises, that despite Newcastle’s size, it has a lot to offer. “There are enough schools for education, religious organisations for our spiritual needs and there are also places to go out and just chill.”

What makes a true Newcastillian though?

Lerato laughs and says it is our unique style. “Newcastillians have style. You can go anywhere, from Durban to Johannesburg, but our people have style,” she smiles.

Sandy Fourie

“When I first came to Newcastle from Durban, I loved the fact that Newcastle is a family orientated town. Families and friends come together, not like other cities where youngsters are just given money and go to the club.”

When it comes to what makes a true Newcastillian, Sandy says it is the community’s friendliness. “It is the compassion towards others and friendliness that makes a person a true Newcastillian.”

Beulah Rajkumar

“What I love most about Newcastle is the community. The people are friendly and there is virtually no traffic.”

Describing what it takes to make true Newcastillian, Beulah explains it is the sense of community between the residents.

“Newcastle is not just a place. It is a community. Unlike bigger cities where there is no unity, Newcastle has unity amongst its people.”

Xolo Ngema

“I am relatively new to Newcastle, but I love how there are so many different people from different cultures living together in Newcastle. Plus, it isn’t crowded and busy, yet everything is readily available.”

As a newcomer to Newcastle, what does Xolo think makes a person a true Newcastillian?

Laughing, Xolo explains that it is more than our town’s friendliness. “As I am new in town, I have noticed Newcastle’s community has its own unique accent. It is something I picked up quite early when I moved here and I think that it one of the things that makes a true Newcastillian.”

From a sense of community, friendliness and our own unique accent, what do you think makes a true Newcastillian? And what do you love about Newcastle? Share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below.


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