Two suspected cases of coronavirus reported in KwaZulu-Natal

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The coronavirus is making global headlines, with the virus responsible for approximately 563 deaths and spreading from China to countries such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France and Germany.

However, has the feared coronavirus spread into South Africa and made its way into KwaZulu-Natal?

On Thursday, February 6, the Department of Health in KZN confirmed they are aware of two suspected cases of coronavirus in the province. According to the department’s spokesperson, Noluthando Nkosi, one case is being handled by a departmental facility, while the other was at a private facility in Durban.

Nkosi claims the department is closely monitoring the treatment, as well as the management of the patients. She says this is in accordance with the stringent measures and protocols which are in place, as announced by the department.

While the news of the virus possibly being in South Africa might spark a certain degree of fear, Nkosi says the department is still waiting for laboratory confirmation on the virus. Therefore, she urges people to remain calm; and to pay no attention to the various false statements doing their rounds via social media.

Nkosi emphasis the department will notify the public if there are any new developments.

The Department of Health encourages the community to avoid contact with people displaying flu-like symptoms. The department also urges people to wash their hands regularly and not consume undercooked or raw meat.


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