Paruk’s Hardware Xpress looks at this season’s DIY projects

A house is more than a building that stores your possessions. It is your home, a place of solace. A source of comfort from the outside world, where you and loved ones spend time together.

With your home forming a major part of your everyday life, there are times when you take up a DIY project or two, ensuring your home looks and feels good.

But before taking up a DIY project, you will first need to establish what products you will need and where you will acquire the necessary items.

In Newcastle, there is only one place to go and that is Paruk’s Hardware Xpress. As a part of the Newcastle community, the hardware store plays an integral role in ensuring people have the necessary products for all their DIY projects.

The Paruk’s Hardware Express team is at the ready to assist you with all your DIY needs.

According to Haroun Dinath from Paruk’s Hardware Xpress, DIY projects which are currently in season include tiling, waterproofing leaking rooves and painting.

“When it comes to painting, we supply the necessary paints for your home, for both interior and exterior use, as well as for fencing.”

With a wide range of paint products ranging from Dulux to Primetone, Haroun explains that painting your home involves more than just dipping a paintbrush into the paint can and painting.

“With the interior of the house, you will first need to sand down the wall a bit. From there, you will have to do the first coat and then a second coat.”

Paruk’s Hardware Xpress offers two types of interior paint, which are sheen and matt, both of which provide an immaculate finish to one’s interior walls.

When it comes to painting the perimeter fence, Haroun explains there are important steps to follow.

Haroun says rust often affects fences, which is why it is important to sand it down first. Following a thorough cleaning, Haroun says it is important to acquire both rust treatment and gloss enamel paint.

With your home and perimeter fence sporting a new coat of paint, it is time to focus on the remainder of your home.

Tiles offer homeowners an immaculate finish to their flooring, adding a touching of elegance and cleanliness to one’s home.

Haroun says for all those who are planning a DIY tiling project, it is important to purchase tiles, tiling bond, spaces, grout and liquid bonding. All of which Paruk’s Hardware Xpress has in stock.

“When it comes to tiling, it is important to chip away the old cement once you have removed the old tiles. It is also important to allow the tiles to settle on the cement before adding the grout; because if you don’t, the tiles will take on a cement colour.”

While painting and tiles add a touch of colour to any home, there are DIY projects which are meant to prevent future expenditure on repairs.

“Roof leaks, especially during the rainy season, are problematic. However, you can get roof sealer to resolve the matter. But you will first need to clean off the original coat becomes flaky and can cause further leaks,” Haroun says.

However, acquiring roof sealer is not the only resolution for roof leaks.

“Gutters can also cause leaks, which is why it is important to clean them, get new brackets and ensure there is no rust on your house’s gutters.”

For further DIY home renovations, be sure to visit Paruk’s Hardware Xpress for all your needs and necessary products.


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