Lion spotted roaming around outside of Dundee

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A massive search for a lion is underway. This follows a sighting of the lion just outside of Dundee.

The apex predator is currently on the loose and is striking fear into the hearts of those in the area.

According to sources, the lion apparently killed a cow on Sunday, February 2, before attempting to kill another cow on Monday, February 3.

According to sources from Ezemvelo KZN, they are aware of the reports regarding the lion, and are currently investigating the matter, along with members of SAPS and local farmers.

Motion sensor cameras were set up in the area, with footage capturing the large predator roaming the area.

With the search for the lion underway, officials are hoping to catch it alive. A source claims that while the lion is not a Nambiti lion, they intend to allegedly release it into the Nambiti area.

Anyone who sees the lion is urged to contact the Dundee Police Station immediately.

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