Drakensberg Primary officially welcomes its newest Drakies

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The path of academic success begins with a single moment, one which will change the way a child perceives their educational journey.

As Grade 1 plays a key role in a child’s development, Drakensberg Primary School is ensuring learners find a sense of belonging in the school.

On Friday, January 17, the new Grade 1 learners took part in the annual bell-ringing ceremony. An initiative which allows each learner the opportunity to ring the bell, under the guidance of the school’s head boy, Eli Erasmus, and the head girl, Quenè van Rooyen. 

Drakensberg Primary Schools mascot, with head girl, Quenè van Rooyen, head boy Eli Erasmus and Banele Mabanga.

The school’s principal, Pieter Hanekom, opened the ceremony by ringing the bell for his birthday.  This was followed by the chairman of the governing body, Jan Labuschagne, and the Departmental Head of the Foundation Phase, Stephani Truter, welcoming the guests and learners with words of encouragement for the year ahead.

The first learner to ring the bell for 2020 was Kyle Botes and the last learner was Banele Mabanga. 

Kyle Botes rings the bell under the guidance of head girl, Quenè van Rooyen and head boy Eli Erasmus

Welcome to all the Grade 1s.  You are now officially Drakies!

Drakensberg Primary’s principal, Pieter Hanekom rings the bell.
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