Taiwanese community welcomes the Year of the Rat

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A sense of festivity fills the air, the time has finally come to prepare for the Chinese New Year. A time for family, friends and new beginnings.

With the Chinese and Taiwanese New Year set to take place on January 25, the Newcastle Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce hosted a family-orientated event at Blackrock Casino on Saturday, January 18.

Dancers performing at the new year celebrations.

From cultural dances to laughter and speeches, the event resonated the importance of not only the dawn of the New Year but also uniting and working together for a better tomorrow.

This year, the Chinese and Taiwanese communities will be celebrating the Year of the Rat. As the first of the zodiac animals, the rat is a symbol of positivity in the zodiac.

Not only are rats are clever, but they are also quick thinkers and often successful. However, they are also content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian would like to wish all its Taiwanese and Chinese readers a happy New Year.

Dancers from En Stage Dance Studio entertains the guest.
Dancers entertaining guest.
Jessie Au, Jade King and Jonathan Au.
Andy Hsu and Davy Chuang.
Sharon and Allan Liu.
Anthony Chen, Nelson Liang and Show-lan Huang.
Hannah and Jessie Ho.
Wann-Chyi Wu, Benjamin Ho and Bryan Wu.
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