Fairleigh community establishes community policing sub-forum

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In the pursuit of justice, members of the Fairleigh community are taking leaping steps in protecting their area from the criminal element.

On January 14, the Fairleigh Community Policing Sub-Forum was officially launched at the Fairleigh Hall. In honour of the event, Newcastle SAPS Community Policing Forum Chairperson Rajesh Ramdaw, Newcastle SAPS Acting Visible Policing Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ragunanan, Social Crime Prevention Sub-Section Commander Captain VM Ndima, Ward 25 Councillor Mqapheleni Ngcobo and dedicated community members from Fairleigh attended the event.

With the establishment of the sub-forum, Ramdaw reminded the Fairleigh Community that police cannot work alone in curbing crime in the area. Instead, through a united effort, the criminal element can be held at bay with police officials and the community working together.

The newly elected committee is as follows:

CPF Sub-Forum Chairperson Professor Brown, with Gerry van der Plank as Deputy Chairperson. The Secretary will be Joclyn Mentoor, the Treasurer Eldrich Ferris, while the Public Relations Officer will be Philip van Blerk. Criselda Brown will be representing the Fairleigh youth.

Community members were requested to work hand in hand with the Committee members to ensure safety in their suburb.

Well done to the Fairleigh Community for doing their part in the fight against crime.

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