Woman faces jail time, after hiding her partner’s body under her bed

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Hidden behind closed doors, domestic violence is a harsh reality for many. While scores of women tragically lose their lives to violent partners, there are men who also lose their lives at the hands of loved ones.

This follows the arrest of Anna Mayibila, a 36-year-old woman from Carolina in Mpumalanga, who is facing charges of killing her partner, Peter Msibi, and hiding his body under a bed.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi explains Msibi was allegedly last seen alive in November 2019. After his family reported him missing, the SAPS in Carolina immediately began investigating the matter.

During their investigations, the SAPS found that Msibi and Mayibila were seen together, the astute officers immediately began their investigations at Mayibila’s place of residence.

Upon arriving at her home in Silobela Township on January 4, officers grew suspicious with a foul smell emanating from her house. Questioning her about the smell, Mayibila claimed the putrid smell stemmed from a drainage system. Unsatisfied with the answer, police probed further and found Msibi’s body under her bed.

Brigadier Hlathi explains upon questioning Mayibila on how Msibi died, Mayibila said they had an argument and during the incident, she pushed him. This allegedly led to his death.

She was taken into police custody, before appearing in the Carolina Magistrate’s Court, facing a murder charge. The case was postponed until January 15 for a bail application.

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