Can Newcastillians expect load shedding this evening?

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Can Newcastillians expect load shedding this evening, January 8? According to a statement by Eskom, there is a high possibility Stage 2 load shedding will be implemented.

According to a post on Twitter, the power utility terminated Stage 2 load shedding at 6 am this morning. However, further load shedding may be required in order to replenish water resources for its pumped storage systems. This is to minimise the use of diesel at open cycle gas turbines.

But why are South Africans still facing possible load shedding?

According to Eskom’s statement, the power system remains vulnerable.

“While we were able to replenish water levels at the pumped storage schemes overnight, we are currently using these emergency resources, including diesel to meet demand today. In the event that we lose other generation units or are unable to bring back those that were out for maintenance, load shedding may be implemented earlier in the day,” the statement reads.

Currently, the plant breakdowns were standing at 13 471 MW at 6 am this morning. Eskom’s technical teams are apparently monitoring the systems, carrying out planned maintenance and looking at reducing unplanned outages or breakdowns.

As residents face the possibility of load shedding this evening, Eskom is encouraging residents to reduce demand by using electricity sparingly.

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