Missing Person: Frantic search for Phindile Ndumo continues three months later

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A local family is wrought with tension and uncertainty, following the disappearance of Phindile Lovercia Ndumo.

The 25-year-old woman was last seen by her mother on September 30, at her home in Hope Farm. Since she has gone missing, her family has anxiously been waiting and searching for her, with the Newcastle SAPS conducting endless investigations to find her.

Her family’s hopes for her return for Christmas have been dashed, as well as any hopes that she would be home for the dawn of the new year.

Missing now for over three months, the Newcastle SAPS is looking at the community for assistance. If anyone knows of Phindile’s whereabouts, they are encouraged to contact the investigating officer, Warrant Officer V Pawunkumar on 084 444 2231.

As the police and family anxiously search for Phindile Ndumo, what steps can you take if a loved one goes missing?

The SAPS states there is no waiting period to report a missing person. In fact, due to the seriousness of the matter, it is essential to report a missing person as soon as possible so the police can start the relevant investigations immediately.

What do you need to report a missing person?

  • When reporting a missing person at your nearest police station, you will need to take the following steps: Produce a recent photograph of the missing person, if possible.
  • Give a complete description of the missing person’s last whereabouts, clothes they were wearing, as well as any information that can assist the investigating officer.
  • Complete and sign a SAPS 55(A) form. This form safeguards the SAPS from hoax reports and indemnifies the SAPS to distribute the photograph and information of the missing person.
  • Obtain the investigating officer’s contact details, and send any additional information that might become available.
  • If a missing person is found or returns voluntarily, inform the investigating officer immediately. A SAPS 92 form must be completed to inform the Bureau of Missing Persons that the missing person’s report can be removed from the circulation system.

Be sure to remain vigilant and be sure to contact the SAPS if you know of Phindile Ndumo’s whereabouts.

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