Rebecca Chu, when art becomes a way of life

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Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists of all times, once said the purpose of art was to wash the dust from our daily lives, off our souls.

A statement which Rebecca Chu fully agrees with, as she creates vivid images with a paintbrush.

“I initially took up painting in 2012 as art therapy. At the time I was under a lot of stress and battling to cope.”

Facing overwhelming obstacles, art proved to be the ideal coping mechanism in overcoming stress. “Art allowed me to heal myself, as it takes me to another place and calms me down.”

Through the soothing effects of art, Rebecca can then focus on addressing the obstacles in her daily life.

Rebecca’s art covers a wide range of subjects, from nature to people. Her talent clearly visible in her work. So, why did she wait until adulthood to begin painting and use it as a form of therapy?

“As a child, I always loved drawing and painting. However, while I was growing up in Taiwan, parents would encourage their children to pursue their studies rather. My mother did not want me to pursue art and therefore, I furthered my studies.”

Rebecca does not regret this, as her studies now see her as a formidable force in the business world with her company President Plastics.

Now, she can embrace her artistic talent at her leisure and focus on the positive effect it has on her life. “I enjoy the fact that it relaxes me and makes me happy.”

Will Rebecca ever consider pursuing art professionally?

“I don’t do art for money. I do paintings for people who touch my heart in some form. Whether it is a couple madly in love or a family who has lost someone close to them.”

Why does Rebecca think art is special to society?

“Art reminds us to slow down and enjoy our surroundings. It is good for our soul and allows us to express ourselves in a healthy way.”

With her art focused on healing, Rebecca proves art is an integral part of society, removing pain and allowing us to heal.

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