A new year has dawned, do you have any New Year resolutions?

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A new year has officially dawned, bringing with it 365-days of new opportunities and focus on bettering ourselves and our surroundings.

As we celebrate the New Year, the Newcastillan asked residents if they have any New Year’s resolutions and if they managed to achieve their previous resolutions. This is what they have to say:

Lucia Bangani

New year

“My New Year Year’s resolutions are to start going to the gym and making more money,” Lucia smiles.

As she prepares to focus on her physical and financial health, has Lucia managed to follow through on her resolutions for 2019?

“Fortunately, I did not make any for 2019,” she laughs.

Nelisa Nkosi

new year

“My first New Year’s resolution is that I want to get my driver’s licence, with my second resolution is getting a car by June 2020. Hitting the gym more often and earning more money are two other resolutions.”

As Nelisa focuses on following through with his New Year resolutions, did he manage to follow through with his resolutions for 2019?

“I managed to follow through with them all, even though I did not get it all done in one shot. I wanted a nice job, which I have achieved, and I also wanted to make positive changes around where I stay, which I am still doing,” he smiles.

Deomari Wallace

new year

“My New Year’s resolution is to give back to the community and do something who made my 2019 so wonderful.”

As Deomari aims to make a positive contribution to the community this year, Deomari says she had resolutions for 2019 which she achieved.

“I wanted to lose weight and I managed to do it,” she smiles.

Tia Christian

new year

Tia laughs and admits she does not have any New Year resolutions. “I just did not give it any thought and I did not have any for 2019 either.”

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian would like to wish all its clients and readers a happy and prosperous New Year.

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