Life after school, what does the future hold for the class of 2019?

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As the year ends, matriculants are looking at their shiny new life after school. A time where learners bid farewell to their schoolteachers, familiar surroundings and prepare to take a bite out of life, find themselves and embark on the long-awaited journey into adulthood.

As Grade 12 learners brace themselves for an entirely new life, what awaits the Class of 2019? What does the adult world hold?

Joining the job market

Not everyone goes to university after high school. Some teenagers will have to get a job as soon as they matriculate. This is brilliant as it is your first step into the real world, a place where you can begin to gain your independence and understanding of responsibilities.  Don’t try to get the highest paying job, or think the world owes you “a nice work environment”. You must start somewhere and usually; everyone starts at the beginning.

Studying after school

If you are that percentage of the population who can go study, well you are already heading in the right direction. College or varsity is about experience, education and being exposed to vast amounts of unique individuals. Take it in and go with the flow. Your career is a work in progress, so be kind to yourself as you create your future.

Taking a gap year

This gap year business is a brain pain for parents, as young people think it means to soak up the couch and wear the same hoodie for 3 weeks without washing it. A gap year is about thinking. Thinking about who you are and what is next for you. Thinking about what your next move is. Do not sit wasting your time, as the one thing you will learn later down the line is, you have no time to waste.


With South Africa being a developing country and ever-evolving, for the business-minded matriculant, this offers a world of opportunities. South Africa offers young people the opportunity to be brilliant in the business world. Unlike the USA or England where jobs are the way forward. Here in SA grit and intelligence can give you a flourishing business of your very own.

Good luck to the matriculants of 2019 and all the best for the upcoming year.

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