Janique James, Newcastle’s beauty of the month

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When it comes to beauty, Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous.” Two criteria which Janique James has mastered with her striking beauty and vibrant personality.

Janique is a teacher’s aide at St Dominics Newcastle and is currently studying towards her teaching degree. “I am majoring in English as it is my favourite subject,” she smiles.

What does beauty mean to Janique?

“For me, beauty doesn’t only mean your outer appearance, but your inner appearance as well. If you’re are a good and caring person, that inner beauty shines out into your outer appearance.”

Finding immense joy in guiding our country’s future leaders in the academic world, showing immense care to the children in her care, Janique firmly believes it is important for children to gain a solid education. She also believes it is instrumental that girls put immense focus on their academic work.

“If a young woman has a good education and the right qualifications, she can be independent and care for herself.”

As an independent woman herself, Janique explains it is important for girls and women to look after themselves.

“Through looking after your appearance, you can carry yourself with sophistication and reflect your independence and intelligence.”

Striving to be a strong woman, what is the one make-up item she cannot go without?

“I would have to say my mascara, as I have naturally long eyelashes and my mascara brings out my eyes,” Janique laughs.

As a firm believer in women being independent and strong, who has been Janique’s role model through the years?

“My mother is my role model. Seeing what she has and what she has gone through, my mother is a strong woman and my hero.”

On her way to becoming a qualified teacher, what advice can Janique give to young girls in facing life outside the classroom?

“Always put God first and focus on yourself, your education, your appearance and do everything for yourself and the betterment of your life. You should not have to rely on anyone.”

With Janique James being a firm believer in education and a strong woman, she is truly the Newcastillian’s Beauty of the Month.

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