Abortion, what women need to know about termination of pregnancy

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The blessing of life is personified through the amazement of pregnancy, being able to create a child. The miracle which has ensured our species continues to flourish, evolve and grow, can sometimes begin in a dark and evil way.

At times women are raped and through this terrible act, fall pregnant with not only an unplanned child; but an unwanted living memory of a moment which will haunt and damage them forever.

While a touchy subject for many, with dozens of religions and cultures having extremely strong views on the subject, abortions do however offer an escape to those sitting with an unwanted life in them. After all, a woman’s body belongs to her, yet far too many people feel they can give comment on another person’s life, leaving these poor souls feeling alone and in a state of distress.

But who do you turn to when searching for an abortion? Terrifyingly enough, there are people willing to perform an abortion, outside the medical profession.

Illegal abortions are being performed in Newcastle by individuals pretending to be traditional healers. Offering an array of ‘medications’ and methods which ensure a woman’s pregnancy is terminated. However, along with these abortions, there are often major adverse side-effects which can leave the woman or girl in a worse condition than before.

At Newcastle Provincial Hospital, is a centre which deals with the termination of pregnancies. Manning the centre are qualified professionals who follow strict guidelines to ensure the well-being of their patients.

One such individual is Professional Nurse Angel Coka. She explains when it comes to terminating a pregnancy, one needs to seek professional medical assistance.

“Abortions need to be done by a Termination of Pregnancy Provider. Individuals who work at a Termination of Pregnancy Provider undergo training to ensure the patient is safe and correctly cared for. Going for an illegal termination can lead to implications.”

These implications can include:

  • Damage to a woman’s uterus
  • Excessive bleeding which can see the need for blood transfusions
  • Septicaemia
  • Infertility

With negative implications surrounding illegal abortions, why do women go through with it?

Women who undergo an abortion are encouraged to see a psychologist to help with depression, as it is a traumatic experience.

As the Provincial Hospital does its best to ensure patients receive the best medical care, often left to help pick up the pieces after an illegal abortion goes wrong, Nurse Coka believes a lot of education is still required.

“People need to realise termination is not a contraceptive. Couples need to practice dual safety, which is where both partners take the necessary protection. No contraceptive is a 100% safe on its own, not condoms nor the implants.”

Parents are also encouraged to educate their children and not to ignore this reality, as the law states girls as young as 12 years old can go for a termination of pregnancy without their parents’ consent.

With illegal abortions taking place within the shadows of our community, ensure your child knows the importance of safe sex before they suffer dire consequences at the hands of a stranger.

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