Get ready to plan for January 2020, a new year and new you

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It’s finally time to unwind, casting all responsibilities to the wind. The summer holidays are here baby!! It’s time to party like rock stars, show off that newly achieved beach body and of course, it is time to blow some sweat money!

However, my fellow Newcastillians: “Party not without planning”. January and all its depressing bills are still in your future, so before you go through your life savings like a fat kid on a cake, or go eating yourself into a gluttonous madness throwing away those shredded pecs, let us first look at how to prepare for the inevitable return to reality in 2020.

Buy one, save one!

Every time you find yourself compelled to spend money, first apply the following question. If there were two of us now, how much would it cost? Buy the one item for yourself and then take the exact same amount and stash it away. This old-school way of forced savings might seem a bit like a pain, but you have no idea how well it works. As it also dentures you from spending on unwanted junk. Because, If you buy that R600 multicoloured, Hawaiian shirt, then you must put R600 away.

La Budget people, come on!

Unlike Tom Cruise, you don’t have 20 people planning your future. Dit is net jy! This means, planning out the next few months is vital to a motivated and good start in 2019. Some of you crazy kids have already begun spending reams of cash without planning for the ever-increasing cost of living and diminishing economy. Budget, budget, budget.

Don’t chase the same goals as 2019

Being an awesome Newcastillian takes planning and goals. Thus, you cannot apply the same old horsehair from last year. Sitting down over your holidays, opening a Word Doc and seriously putting your goals onto paper, is going to be a huge asset to anyone looking at doing better in 2020. There are many obstacles to overcome in 2020, but knowing what you need and want, is everything. “Those you fail to plan, plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Unclutter your life

With the holidays on the go and now having time to spare, see what items and clothing you don’t use and wear.  Be someone’s hero this festive season and donate the items to a charitable cause, allowing you to enter January with less clutter around the house and more wardrobe space.

Become more conscious

The biggest challenge into days world is that people are stuck in social circles, habits and lifestyles. This generally means that people are quite dismissive about other ways of life, cultures and beliefs. Free your mind and educate yourself on the world around you. Money buys you cool things, but intellect buys your life! Get cracking in 2020 and find your inner Zen!

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