Sandile Ngcobo, striving to see businesses flourish

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The business sector is one of creativity and a desire to succeed, where business owners overcome a series of challenges in their quest to promote their respective brands.

One such businessman is Sandile Ngcobo, the owner of Metaskill Edu-Solutions Organisational Development.

With his business officially taking flight in 2011, Sandile explains his business focuses on workshops where he trains management and staff in taking their business to the next level.

“I don’t only focus on businesses though. I also do workshop training with schools and their governing bodies, and I have actually helped Njabade High School from the Dannhauser area to increase its matric pass rate from 18% to 91%.”

With his work focusing on improving productivity in businesses and schools, Sandile explains his business is unique in that it reaches out to other businesses for them to flourish.

“I look at work ethic, time management, the attitude of the staff and the learners and help establish where the problem is. From there, I will work with the staff and management establishing the steps forward in addressing these issues.”

He adds that one of the biggest aspects in seeing a business flourish is mentorship initiatives.

“A person can come from a similar work background, but the culture at the new business can be very different. So, we will look at mentoring an individual and introducing them to their new environment,” Sandile says.

As his business focuses a lot on empowerment, development and growth, what advice can Sandile give those who want to go into business for themselves?

“The first thing you need to look at, is what form of business do you want to begin? From there, you need to look at the respective competition, because if you don’t, you will drown. Also, by studying your respective competition, you can adapt to the business environment and flourish.”

Furthermore, Sandile explains it is of the utmost importance to be a trustworthy business individual and following through on business deals. This will ensure clientele will return.

Looking at the African youth, Sandile says one of the biggest issues faced is that people often lack the self-esteem to pursue their dream of opening a business.

“I also believe people should stop with the freebies, as it develops a culture where people continuously expect everything for nothing. You need to work to succeed over your previous successes. You need to overtake yourself constantly and improve daily, no one can stop you from achieving your dream if you work for it,” he concludes.

As a businessman who strives to see the community develop, Sandile Ngcobo is a true gem in the local business sector.

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