What’s more painful? Childbirth or getting kicked in the groin?

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, there is one debate always rearing its head. What hurts more, getting kicked in the junk or giving birth?

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When it comes to the battle of the sexes, there is one debate always rearing its head. What hurts more, getting kicked in the junk or giving birth?

As a male and through experience, I believe getting kicked in the nuts is far worse than giving birth. After all, women will contemplate having more than one child, but a guy will never consider getting kicked in the groin area repeatedly. I am confident many men will agree with me on this. 

However, as women feel the pain during childbirth transcends the crippling pain of being hammered in the goonies, the time has come to look at the professionals for an answer.

AsapScience has attempted to determine which pain is more excruciating and these are their findings.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapScience explain this was a rather tough question, as there isn’t an actual measurable unit of pain. This is despite what internet folklore claims.

Moffit and Brown explain pain is received by sensory neurons called nociceptors. These send nerve signals to the spine or brain.

Nociceptors can either send off a dull pain or a sharp pain which leaves you gasping for breath, wishing you will die,

When it comes to testicles, the sharp pain is linked to the fact that a man’s nuts are lined with nociceptors, which are in turn connected to both the stomach and the brain’s vomit centre.  

Before men think this sort of answers the question of what hurts more, don’t get all high and mighty just yet.

Women don’t have it any better as the uterus is also lined with loads of nociceptors. This, coupled with hours of agonising labour, nausea and fatigue, results in females gaining ground on the subject. 

Then, pain is subjective to an individual and not actually measurable; this leads to Asap Science establishing it is a tie between the two sources of pain.

Watch their full video here:

However, the Newcastillian wanted to know what residents thought of the question. This is what they have to say:

Londiwe Mkwanzai:
Child birth

“I say childbirth is more painful than a man being kicked in the privates. I have experienced childbirth; men can at least put an icepack on top of their genitals after being kicked.”

Ayanda Mbatha:

“Childbirth is by far more painful. Men are just being softies.”

Danel and Meyring Olivier

Meyring feels giving birth is more painful. “The pain lasts much longer than that of being kicked in between the legs.”

Danel laughs and says she fully agrees. “I doubt a man will be able to handle the pain of giving birth, but I am sure a woman can handle the pain of being kicked.”

Meinhardt Landsberg:

“Being kicked in the nuts has got to be more painful than giving birth. You can’t walk properly for days if you get kicked hard.”

What are your thoughts? Do you feel being kicked in the junk is more painful than giving birth? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.


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27 Responses

  1. I feel like Women’s giving birth is more painful, because Of that Men getting kicked can Be gone for a day, women giving birth has to stay in the hospital for at least 2 or more days to recover especially if they get C-Section.

    1. You are so wrong it’s hilarious, women are a just so rude to men sometimes saying things like you don’t know real pain and stuff, but in complete honesty neither of them hurt worse because it’s impossible to say, but men can be mean to I suppose, although men are more just inconsiderate than they are mean.

      1. Women have a higher pain tolerance than men. Yes both are painful, but women have to endure the pain of birth for a hell of a lot longer then men do. If you give birth in a hospital you have to stay there for at least 2 days. Men think it’s ok to bash women, I’m not we’re any better but there is a reason women are so hard on men. Men have oppressed women for HUNDREDS of years. Y’all are just upset cause we are finally treating you the way you treated us.

        1. It is true that women have to stay in the hospital for 2 days, but men can get hit hard enough to the where they can’t even walk.

        2. Katie I have to say I’m very impressed with how ignorant one person could be. Your argument is that women can be mean to men because men in the past were mean to women. That’s like saying that a Jew can walk into the center of Berlin and spank and beat Germans because of the Holocaust. Also women don’t have a higher pain tolerance it is per person but I’d argue men do mainly because of testosterone.

    2. Also I need to state an incorrect fact about this article… NO MAN IN HIS RIGHT MIND WOULD PUT ICE ON HIS NUTS!!!!

    3. I don’t get why people argue over this nobody wants to feel the pain of either one they’re both absolutely miserable in there own way and anybody that argues about it just wants to feel like there tougher than the other sex. Why can’t we just agree they’re both miserable and nobody wants to feel either one.

    4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah ha you think it’s gone quickly? When I’m kicked in the balls it lasts for days, like the guy said, I can’t even walk right, I feel like I’m gonna throw up

  2. im sure getting kicked in the balls is excruciating however think of the tearing, stitches and endless contractions women have to deal with. then recovering.

    1. But you also have to realize that females have the fix and leeway to be back on their feet. Men have excruciating pain and there is a good chance the balls could have to be removed 🤷‍♂️

  3. Definitely giving birth. Getting kicked in the balls in a sharp pain while labor lasts for hours plus the stretching and tearing. Women choose to have more than one baby because a gas is released which makes the mother forget the pain of childbirth. Severe cases of getting kicked in the balls is very rare while most women do get tears and have to go through a whole recovery process. I doubt any man would be able to deliver a child without saying it’s less painful than getting kicked in the area.

  4. are you kidding me? this is no question, when a man gets kicked he might need a day to recover, for me when I gave birth, it was a living nightmare, and I had to stay in hospital for about a week to recover, men are exaggerating.

    1. We are talking about what hurts more not after you give birth nad after you get kicked in the nuts

      1. Thank youuuuu, they keep saying the how they lay in the hospital for days🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

      2. Exactly. I see these other comments saying, excruciating pain and all that. But in hospitals, they have anesthetics that makes that pain go away. Men don’t have prep to get kicked in the balls, it happens and we’re not prepared, unlike with women. And, getting kicked in the balls sprains the groin, which is guess what? Excruciating pain that can last weeks.

  5. i bet that the kick would hurt more but that initial sharp pain that makes you wanna puke lasts for only about a minute, i think that long term women experience more pain through child birth while men experience a shorter more painful pain.

  6. Personally, I believe it is all objective. The pain experienced during both childbirth and being kicked in the groin truly depends. For some women, childbirth is quick and easy. For others, it’s an exhausting, gut-wrenching experience that lasts for hours. When it comes to being kicked in the groin, the pain all depends on the force of the kick, the shoe used, and the size of that person.

    However, as a woman myself, I personally believe child birth is much more painful. The combination of contractions, the literal ripping of the skin, and a baby who’s skull is the width of a bowl traveling through a nerve-rich pelvis is what makes it so. Not only is the physical pain almost unbearable, but the mental and emotional pain of the experience is extremely strenuous. You’re consistently worrying if you’re doing it right, if the baby is ok, if the pain is abnormal, etc., etc.. And once the birthing process is over, there’s still pain. Women stay in the hospital for days recovering. Sometimes, childbirth can even leave serious injuries.

    True, being kicked in the groin can also cause serious injuries and may take days to recover from. But it is a pain that is experienced in an instance and slowly dies down, where for women, the pain is continuous, and if anything, rises.

    And so you may be wondering, if what I say is true, then why on earth would a woman want to have a child again? Because although there is unbelievable pain, there is also immeasurable joy. Having a baby is one of the most euphoric things for a woman. It literally alters their brain.

    So regardless of what you believe, at least respect the amazing women of the world who literally craft humans with their bodies. They willingly donate their bodies to something that has the ability to kill them. And if you really aren’t convinced, then I suggest you tell your mother you believe being kicked in the groin hurts more than childbirth.

    1. Anna I would like to say that your first paragraph outlines how you think it is subjective but then in your next paragraph you completely contradict that statement by saying childbirth hurts more also you mentioned the emotional pain and anxiety, I would like to say as a man who would like to have a family some day that the fact that there is a high chance of you no longer being able to procreate that leaves lasting anxiety for your whole lifetime. I’m not defending either side I would just like to point out a few problems with your argument

  7. An instagram dr gave the best explanation. He said a guy that says getting kicked in the groin is worse than child birth…then he says, let me kick you for 20 minutes none stop in the groin then you can say it’s worse than childbirth. lol

  8. I don’t get why people argue over this nobody wants to feel the pain of either one they’re both absolutely miserable in there own way and anybody that argues about it just wants to feel like there tougher than the other sex. Why can’t we just agree they’re both miserable and nobody wants to feel either one.

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