KZN pupil sentenced to prison, following a vicious assault on a teacher

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A KwaZulu-Natal school pupil will be facing 17 years behind bars for assaulting his teacher, after dragging her out of her vehicle and attempting to drive over her.

The crime, which took place on August 12, occurred when the teacher was on her way to work at Chibelihle Combined School. On her way to the school, she was approached by the 24-year-old pupil.

Thinking something was wrong, she stopped her car. It was then that he began physically assaulting her, dragging her out of the car. Before fleeing the scene in her car, he also allegedly attempted to run her over.

The sentencing by the Pietermaritzburg Court; comes after he was found guilty of assault with grievous bodily harm, car hijacking and attempted murder.

Following the sentencing, Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu emphasises that safety at school is a priority which cannot be ignored. He states schools are no place for violence and other criminal acts. Both create a barrier between both teaching and learning.

To address the issue of violence in schools and other criminal acts, he adds that schools and the police share a relationship in various communities around the province. A bond strengthened by the establishment of functional school safety committees.

Furthermore, he believes it is of the utmost importance that pupils adhere to their respective school’s code of conduct.

While explaining the department will do everything in its power to protect the rights of children and teachers in school, Mshengu concludes it is only through the added efforts of parents and communities working alongside the department that safety can be achieved.

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