Bikers gear up to break the silence around abuse

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The sound of roaring engines fills the air, as a group of bikers gather at the old Waterside Wimpy. Their mission is a simple one. They will not remain silent.

Gathering at the pitstop along the N11 on Sunday, December 1, JJ Janeke of Boarnerges Motorcycle Club explains local bikers united for two causes.

“During December, biker clubs around South Africa will be driving to create awareness about violence against women and children.”

Bikers, Newcastillian
Bikers gathering at the old Waterside Wimpy.

This follows the national challenge issued by the biker’s club, 911 Riders, where bike clubs were challenged to dedicate one ride during the month of December for women and children; raising awareness and breaking the silence around abuse.

Secondly, the day’s gathering also formed a Memorial Run. “The Memorial Run is dedicated to all bikers who lost their lives during 2019,” says JJ.

With local bikers uniting to create awareness about abuse while paying respect to fallen bikers, the rally coincides with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

Bikers, Newcastillian

The 16 Days of Activism takes place annually from November 25 to December 10. It is a period of time which sees organisations working together to eradicate abuse while bringing the issue of abuse to light.

Well done to Newcastle’s bikers, sacrificing their Sunday morning to raise awareness for those in need.

Bikers, Newcastillian
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