Black Friday, the Newcastillian asked shoppers and retail staff how they found the day…

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Geared up for a day’s worth of spending, shoppers descended onto town with enthusiasm on Friday, November 29. Black Friday madness officially underway.

With Newcastillians taking full advantage of the specials offered by stores, the Newcastillian asked some shop staff and shoppers what they thought of the day. This is what they had to say:

Beulah Rajkumar – Marketing Manager at Newcastle Mall

“This Black Friday was a successful one, with much more people coming to Newcastle Mall than in 2018. We were also better prepared for the day and the shoppers met the day with enthusiasm,” smiles Beulah.

Lindo Khanyile – Tekkie Town

“I am new to the retail industry and while it wasn’t too hectic, we did have to jump around to help several people almost at once; especially in the early hours of the day.”

Solomzi Dhlamini – Shopper

“I found Black Friday okay. However, town is extremely busy on the day. The amount of people makes it difficult to shop; because you either have to stand in extremely long queues after you found what you were looking for; or the items you wanted are sold out.”

Khumbu Kunene – Mr Price Sport

“Black Friday is so busy. I have never seen so many people in one place at once before. All the staff had to ensure customer service, security and cleanliness were the main priority of the day.”

Samantha and Collin Klinghardt – Shoppers

Both Samantha and Collin found the shopping experience an interesting one. “It was exceptionally hectic, especially in the early hours of the morning,” says Samantha.

Despite the town being busy, Collin claims it isn’t as bad as some might believe. “It was still manageable, despite being busy. It is basically like pay weekend,” laughs Collin.

Nicholaas Snyman -Shopper

Nicholaas claims he found the day both chaotic and fun. “It was both fun and good because of the great prices at the stores, but it was also chaotic because of the large number of people in the stores.”

With Black Friday now officially done, how did you find the day? Do you feel Black Friday is a great concept? Or do you find the day way too busy to enjoy? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comment section below.

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