President Ramaphosa focuses on transformation in the private sector and ANC

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President Cyril Ramaphosa believes the South African business sector needs to do serious self-examination. This follows a lack of transformation at the highest levels of the private sector.

In his weekly newsletter, published on November 25, Ramaphosa explained top management in private companies is still dominated by white men. This is despite white males making up 5% of the economically active population.

He says Africans only make up 15% of top management. This is despite accounting for 79% of the economically active population.

Ramaphosa’s newsletter comes after a recent meeting with the leadership of the Black Business Council, where transformation was discussed.

During the month of August, Labour and Employment Minister Thulas Nxesi emphasised that there had been a little transformation within the top management of private sector workplaces, since the of the Employment Equity Act some 20 years ago. 

Ramaphosa explains that while there is significant progress in diversifying leadership within the public sector and state-owned entities, the private sector is not making the same progress.

He adds that SA needs to overcome the deep divisions which apartheid created within society. Therefore, transforming the private sector is necessary to fight the systematic inequality and make businesses more reflective of society’s demographics.

In his newsletter, Ramaphosa says advancing black and female employees must be a cornerstone of any company’s operations. This involves succession planning, mentoring, training and skills transfer.

However, Ramaphosa recently defended the appointment of Andre de Ruter, a white male who has recently taken the title of CEO of Eskom.

Furthermore, during the OR Tambo Memorial Lecture in Limpopo on Sunday, November 24, Ramaphosa also said the ANC must do more to be inclusive of all races and to promote the interests of women.

Ramaphosa claims that during recent elections, there has been decline support from both the coloured and Indian communities, with no increase from within white communities.

He says this also reflects in the composition of the political party’s membership and leadership.

Ramaphosa claims the ANC needs to take the necessary measures to ensure they promote inclusivity and diversity within its recruitment, structures and respective programmes.

By breaking down barriers of division, Ramaphosa believes the political party can create a country where there is neither white nor black, just South Africans.

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