Rainbow Angels create hope through music and comedy

Rainbow Angels. Newcastillian
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Angels walk among us. They reach out to those in need; changing the community through acts of kindness.

Rainbow Angels is an organisation which strives to make a positive impact in Newcastle. Its mission is a simple one. To help as many charitable organisations as possible.

“Our mission is to raise funds and support organisations which support abandoned and orphaned children, as well as the abused,” says Tanuja Lakhan of Rainbow Angels.

Rainbow Angels. Newcastillian
Tanuja Lakhan of Rainbow Angels addresses guests at the event.

With Rainbow Angels officially starting in 2018, the organisation hosts events to raise the necessary funding for its work.

One such event took place on Saturday night, September 23, at Style and Grace Wedding Venue and Conference Centre.

A combination of music and comedy, the event saw talented local singers, including the popular Dharam Maharaj and renowned musicians Ridwaan Dawood and Keeran Krishna start the night’s proceedings with a series of songs. Their witty repertoire and upbeat tunes setting the pace for a night of fun.

Rainbow Angels. Newcastillian
Keeran Krishna and Ridwaan entertaining guests during their segment.

Following the musical duo, the comic couple Vikash and JJ Mathura took to stage with their side-splitting show, In Therapy.

Rainbow Angels. Newcastillian
The comic duo, JJ and Vikash Mathura.

With the music-comedy show truly setting the pace for a relaxing weekend, Tanuja thanked both the sponsors and guests for supporting the night. Through the support, Rainbow Angels can continue pursuing its mission of helping those in need.

Rainbow Angels. Newcastillian
Ranjith, Usha and Urisha Sibran.
Rainbow Angels. Newcastillian
Jay and Beena Ramsangar.
Miqeël Naidoo and Mickyle Pillay.
Sudesh and Deshika Singh.
Shanrika Buduram, Ayesha Shadow, Meela Bansi and Reka Kara.
Usha and Renisha Pillay.
Reshina Buduram, Kylas Singh and Veena Buduram.
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