The end of an era, ER24’s Margery Meijerink bids farewell

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Cinematic movies portray superheroes as individuals with extraordinary abilities and powers. Yet, few silver screen heroes can compare with medics.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is made up of individuals who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the wellbeing of others. Enduring sleepless nights and heartache, time away from their loved ones, all to ensure their community is safe.

When it comes to the EMS industry within Newcastle, one name truly stands out. For nearly four decades, Margery Meijerink has proven to be a stalwart in the industry.

Margery joined the EMS industry in 1986. Prior to donning on her jumpsuit, she initially intended to go into law, either as a prosecutor or a police officer.

Such was her desire; she went as far as to sign up at the Magistrate’s Court in Greytown and being accepted into the police. However, things changed one day while she was typing out a file at the magistrate’s court. She was asked a question that would change her life forever.

“A traffic officer came in and said, you look beautiful behind the typewriter, but do you enjoy what you are doing?”

It was then that she realised, she didn’t enjoy what she was doing. The traffic officer suggested she join EMS and introduced her to the relevant people.

“I fell in love with it and I started in Empangeni, before eventually coming to Newcastle in 1988. I then started the first provincial ambulance service.”

Continuously striving to serve the community within the EMS world, Margery joined ER24 12 years ago.

Known for her professionalism, friendly and caring demeanour, Margery is now stepping down and retiring from EMS.

At her farewell party on Thursday, November 21, Margery reflected on her service within the industry. Emphasising how each patient has taught her a valuable lesson. “I always think that this could have been me, a friend, a family member or a soulmate. If it were, I ask myself if I were in the same position as the patient, how would I like to be treated?”

As Margery prepares to bid her ER24 team farewell, she claims that not only will she miss each of them, she is also going to miss the community.

Margery Meijerink, Newcastillian

While she has dedicated so much of her life to others, her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Her actions having touched the lives of scores of people.

“I started at ER24 as a volunteer, before becoming permanent, and I would like to thank Margery for everything she has taught me and the others,” says Bongani Mthethwa.

Johan Neethling says his and Margery’s journey together began years before him joining the EMS industry.

“When I was six-years-old, Margery attended to my grandmother and transported her. One day, my dad pointed her out to me, saying do you know who that is? He then said that was the woman who helped my grandmother.”

The memory forever implanted in his memory, Johan eventually became a medic, never forgetting the impact EMS has on people.

As Margery goes on retirement at the end of November, the Newcastillian and Pixelfish Marketing wish her all the best for the future. Thank you for all you have done for the community.

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