Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre, the artistic gem of Glencoe

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Nestled within the quaint town of Glencoe, is Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre. A business which transcends the norm in its quest for perfection and beauty.

Initially opening in 1992 as Kraaines Garden Centre, the business rapidly developed and grew, with Kraaines Interiors opening its doors in 1998.

“Although Kraaines started off small, with immense dedication and hard work, Kraaines has spread over three large buildings with numerous rooms. Each adorned with stunning furniture and décor for offices, homes, lodges and hotels,” says interior designer and manageress of Kraainess, Michelle Page.

Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre offer its clientele a wide range of services.

“Whether it is residential, commercial, retail or hospitality; we assist by working with architects and our clients to alter floorplans, before construction takes place, to make the layout more functional with regards to space, style and safety of interior spaces,” adds Michelle.

Furthermore, the business incorporates its clientele’s ideas into their design schemes and provide them with a full plan on how to transform their living areas. This includes finishes such as paint and wallpaper, materials such as flooring, skirtings and cornices, furniture, lighting and accessories.

“We offer in-store advice. If clients visit us with pictures, we can advise them on items required to enhance the space,” says Michelle.

Throughout the years, Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre have done several interior design projects around South Africa.

“Many clients come to us with their plans and we assist them from Glencoe and arrange delivery to their homes. Unless we are requested to do a full installation. We have done a lot of projects in places like Stellenbosch, Durban and Pietermaritzburg. We also have many loyal clients in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, ranging from Newcastle, Ladysmith, Vryheid, Dundee, Glencoe, Wasbank and Dannhauser.”

Cherice Torlage and Michelle Page.

With the business operating for over 20 years, operating across the country? How did it all begin?

Cherice Torlage, the owner of Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre, explains it was a natural choice for her to pursue a career in interior designing. From primary school, right through high school, her school projects always revolved around interior designing.

Throughout the years, her passion for interior designing never waivered, instead only growing stronger.

Gardening has also always come naturally to her.

“My whole family grew up loving plants, from my grandmother to my mother and Michelle, my sister. We have always loved gardens; especially our own gardens and felt pleasure visiting botanical gardens. The garden centre lies very close to our hearts; as well as the interior design; as they go hand-in-hand. People come to us to decorate their homes and to come and buy all their plants to do the landscaping of their gardens,” says Cherice.

Cherice explains one of the most exciting parts about building her business, was creating it in Glencoe.

Growing up in the town, going to school there, Cherice says she finds it immensely exciting to travel to work and be a part of all that is Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre,

Michelle’s journey says one of the contributing factors in her becoming an interior designer is her eye for detail, and love to work with people; making their thoughts become a reality.”

“It has always been a passion for me, as I grew up with my mother who was an interior decorator in Cape Town. I fondly recall my favourite part of the day would be returning to her work after school and spend hours touching and looking at all the sample books.”

She joined Cherice after moving to Dundee from Cape Town. “I found it a perfect opportunity for me to do what I love. She has been the perfect mentor and has helped me to develop my skills beyond my expectations.”

As Kraaines Interior and Garden Centre caters for those yearning to enhance the beauty of their homes or workplace, Cherice explains they don’t like to pinpoint a project as their biggest project.

“To us, each project, whether it be a client’s entrance hall or hotel, is considered special. For us, we love being challenged by creating something amazing for every client. It’s exciting for us and an honour to be part of their lives because that is what we do. We get involved in our clients’ lives.”

Furthermore, she says stepping out after doing a great interior design project, is absolutely amazing.

“Working as a team with all our dedicated staff to make a project happen is where our true success lays,” she concludes.

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