Local beauties prepare for Zee TV Miss India SA

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In less than a month’s time, two local beauties will be making their way to Durban to participate in the Zee TV Miss India SA pageant.

Set to take place on December 7 at Durban City Hall, Seijal Singh and Sharnè Dheochand will be taking to the stage, each determined to bring a sense of pride to Newcastle, showcasing true homegrown beauty.

The Zee TV Miss India SA pageant follows the regional pageant, Zee TV Miss India SA NKZN; which took place on July 20 in Newcastle.

At the pageant, Sharnè clinched the title of the first princess, while Seijal took the title of Miss Sparkling Eyes.

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Sharnè was selected to participate in the upcoming event on the night of Zee TV Miss India NKZN. “I am so excited, as this is not something which happens every day. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can’t wait to experience the journey.”

Miss India
Photo credit: LM Gray Photography.

As she prepares for the pageant, Sharnè says this is an experience she will never forget. “To be a Miss India SA finalist is such an achievement for me. I’m overwhelmed and can’t wait to meet new people. This opportunity is every girl’s dream.

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Sharnè says she has learned valuable lessons since participating in Zee TV Miss India SA.

“I have learned every woman is unique in their own way and that the only time one should ever look back; is to see how far you have come.

What does she hope to achieve in the pageant?

“Firstly, to show all the young ladies out there that nothing is impossible. I also want to be a role model for others. This is also a new experience for me, as it is not your everyday type of pageant, so I hope to gain knowledge and to make the most of the moment.

Seijal is just as ecstatic about participating in the event as Sharnè is.

Miss India

“I was selected in mid-October, where I was told I was one of the top finalists from the NKZN region. When I received the notification that I made it through to the finals, I was speechless. I was not expecting at all.”

As she begins her preparations for the upcoming event, Seijal explains that the pageant is not simply about winning.

“I am looking forward to the experience, meeting new people and forming friendships. This is something out of my comfort zone, as I am a bit of a tomboy. So, dressing up and modelling is something entirely new to me. However, I simply love trying new things.”

Since participating in the regionals in July, Seijal explains the Zee TV Miss India SA pageant has done wonders for her.

“Taking part has really helped build my confidence, as it takes a lot of courage to take part in the pageant. While there is a lot of positivity, there is also negativity. Which is why I am glad I entered now, as I am entering adulthood and being able to deal with all that goes on in a pageant, I will be able to tackle negativity and use it to my advantage when I enter the adult world.”

Through the pageant, the 19-year-old is hoping to achieve the necessary skills to encourage other girls to enter the pageant.

“I am a very shy person and going in front of so many people and talking to large crowds has really boosted my confidence. I would like to encourage other girls to enter, so they can also learn not to worry so much about what others think and to rather be themselves.”

Good luck to both Seijal Singh and Sharnè Dheochand, Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian wishes you both all the best for the upcoming pageant.

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