Money throwing scam hits Newcastle’s streets

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As the festive season approaches at a rapid pace, scam artists are hitting the streets of Newcastle. Using unscrupulous tactics to acquire residents’ hard-earned money.

Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, Captain Jabulani Ncube, says one of the most common scams circulating in Newcastle, is that of money throwing.

“This is where a person will throw cash in front of their victim, without the person noticing. When you notice the money, they will then stop you, saying it’s your lucky day.”

However, once you pick up the cash, Captain Ncube says another individual will approach the intended victim. The two scam artists will then convince you to join them in a secluded area to share the cash.

“They might even pretend to be police officers, taking you to a car and claiming you are under arrest. But, once you are in a secluded area, they will then rob you.”

Captain Ncube says four cases of money throwing has recently been opened. The Newcastle SAPS is investigating the matter, searching for the culprits.

While police investigations are underway, Captain Ncube encourages Newcastillians to avoid picking up any money that suddenly appears in front of them. He also emphasises it is important to avoid joining any strangers to a secluded spot to share any money that is found on the street.

“No real money is found so easily on the street,” he reminds the community.

If anyone has been affected by a scam such as this, Captain Ncube encourages people to report it to the SAPS.

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