Motorist found dead on R34, between Newcastle and Memel

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Tragedy struck on Wednesday morning, November 6, when emergency services responded to reports of an accident on the R34, between Newcastle and Memel.

Jan-Henk van Vuuren of WATCO Emergency Medical Services explains that on arrival, emergency services found that a car rolled down an embankment for approximately 100 metres.

Emergency personnel make their way down the embankment to the vehicle.

Newcastle Fire Department and SAPS Search and Rescue were called to the scene and rescue workers managed to access the car safely.

“Unfortunately, the occupant of the car, a male in his late 20’s was found deceased inside the car,” explains van Vuuren.

It is believed the incident might have happened on Tuesday, November 5. But due to the location, it was difficult to see from the road.

The body has since been recovered. Further police investigations are underway.

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