St Dominics Newcastle’s All-Purpose Centre officially complete

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In the pursuit of academic excellence, St Dominics Newcastle is a beacon of light. Constantly striving to provide its learners with the finest education possible.

In its quest for brilliance, a new era has dawned on St Dominics Newcastle. An era which now sets the school apart from others.

Over the past 12 months, the school grounds have been a hive of activity with the construction of the St Dominics Newcastle All-Purpose Centre. An investment of R20 million which will see the school grow from strength to strength.

With construction now complete, the All-Purpose Centre is now fully operational. An occasion which has staff and learners elated.

“This is an exciting time for us, following the 12-month wait for the All-Purpose Centre’s completion,” says Executive Head, Bryn Thomas.

The 850-seater indoor facility will be able to host an array of events, which includes entertainment production.

Most notably, the centre will offer St Dominics Newcastle the opportunity to further its sports development. The centre will see learners being able to participate in indoor cricket, hockey, netball, badminton, soccer, volleyball and tennis.

The centre will also act as an examination venue for high school learners during exam times.

All-Purpose centre

However, the All-Purpose Centre will not see St Dominics Newcastle solely benefit from its existence.

Mr Thomas explains the centre will be open to the Newcastle community for hiring, allowing Newcastillians to host an array of events, such as weddings, at the school’s centre.

Currently, Mr Thomas explains the school has started on the landscaping surrounding the centre. The landscaping will enhance the centre’s beauty and reflect the school’s ethos and values.

With the All-Purpose Centre in full operation, St Dominics Newcastle can stand with a sense of pride, as they create a new era of education and community offering.

Congratulations St Dominics Newcastle and well done on continuously striving to improve the educational sector within Newcastle.

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