Equestrian enthusiasts, Bianca and Danielle set to compete in Pakistan

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The thundering sound of galloping fills the air, as horse and rider become one. Hours of equestrian training has come down to this one moment; where victory is in sight.

Gymkhana is a sport which requires discipline and mutual respect, where man and animal unite for the passion of freedom.

Danielle du Plessis and Bianca Louw are two local teenagers who are thundering their way through the gymkhana world. Their passion for horses and tent pegging unrivalled.

Tent pegging is a cavalry sport of ancient origin. It is one of only ten equestrian disciplines officially recognised by the International Equestrian Federation.

Such is their dedication and passion for equestrian sport, the two have recently been selected to represent South Africa in the Protea tournament at a tent pegging event in Lahore, Pakistan.

Set to take place from November 28 to December 8, the two are ecstatic. “We are extremely excited and proud to represent South Africa,” says 18-year-old Danielle.

The opportunity allowing her and Bianca not only to represent South Africa; but also to interact with participants from the six participating countries.

“One of the things we enjoy about the sport is the new friendships,” says 16-year-old Bianca. Danielle says the new bonds allow them to work with others and learn more about the sports they love so much.

Bianca Louw and Danielle du Plessis are looking forward to representing South Africa in Pakistan.

Setting their sights on the upcoming tournament, Danielle and Bianca require the community’s assistance through sponsorship. The trip will cost them each R25 000, which will include travelling costs and accommodation.

If anyone can assist towards sponsorships, allowing Danielle and Bianca to represent South Africa at an international level, they can contact Xander du Plessis on 082 802 0452.

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