Bokke reign victorious in Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup
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Excitement and cheers surge through South Africa, following the Bokke securing the win against England with a score of 32 – 12. Bringing home, the coveted 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The match proved to be a tense one, with South Africa taking the lead early in the match, with England persevering and ensuring there was not a large difference in the score.

Since the beginning of the Rugby World Cup, rugby fans around the globe have been watching their favourite teams closely. Each fan holding thumbs that their respective teams would win.

(Photo by Francois Nel – World Rugby via Getty Images)

However, as the tournament gained momentum, it was clear from the get-go the final game would be between one of four teams. Those teams being New Zealand, England, Wales and South Africa.

When South Africa made it to the finals, following their 19-16 win over Wales, South Africans were ecstatic. Could it be? Does South Africa have the chance to bring the trophy home for the third time?

After all, did the Bokke not win in 1995 and then again in 2007? Avid sports enthusiasts who have noticed a certain cycle would say yes.

Not only do we have a brilliant team this year, led by Siya Kolisi, but it seems the Bokke secure the Rugby World Cup title every 12 years. This year’s Rugby World Cup falls into the 12-year-cycle. So, were we destined to win? Or is it through sheer determination that the Bokke pushed through against all odd?

As the Bokke celebrate their win, South Africans are set to celebrate just as hard. The Rugby World Cup is set to return to where it belongs. Here in South Africa.

Well done to the Bokke! Your performance has yet again brought a nation together, bringing a sense of pride on the nation who has supported you from the very beginning.

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