Police seize cocaine, mandrax and stolen goods

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As the festive season draws closer, the South African Police Services (SAPS) are hellbent on minimising crime within Newcastle.

Recently, the Newcastle K9 Unit conducted a crime prevention operation along the Osizweni and Utrecht Road.

During the operation, a vehicle with six occupants was pulled over and searched. During the search of the vehicle, cellphones, cellphone chargers, clothing, watches and angle grinders were found.

Following further investigations, Brigadier Jay Naicker explains the officers discovered the items had been stolen during a business robbery in Vryheid.

The men are under further investigation, as the SAPS looks into their involvement in other crimes around KZN.

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In a separate incident, the Osizweni Policing Area conducted an intelligence-driven operation alongside the Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit.

Following up on information, the officers went to a home in the Inverness area at KwaGonokwakhe. At the home, the officers seized two full mandrax tablets, two halves of mandrax tablets and one-quarter of a mandrax tablet.

The officers also recovered items which are believed to be stolen. These items include a computer screen, keyboard, computer stand, a computer cable, a telephone handset and one luggage bag.

Following the bust, the officers proceeded to a home in Section A, Osizweni. Following up on information, the police recovered 12 small parcels of cocaine.

Well done to the arresting officers involved in the two operations.

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