Ruth Archery sets her sights on clearing the waters at upcoming science fair

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At just 13 years of age, Ruth Archery is looking at changing the world and ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Ruth recently participated in the 2019 Eskom Expo for Young Scientists International Science Fair, where she clinched herself a silver medal. Her experiment paving the way in purifying water at home.

“I call it the Portable Purifying Water Systems and it is a functional water system, which can clear dirty water and make it drinkable,” she says.

Constructing a small device, the secret in Ruth’s contraption is heat and banana leaves. A small fire is made, and it draws the dirty water through a small series of copper pipes, filtering through the banana leaves and coming out crystal clear.

With her water purifying system holding the potential for rural households to have access to clean water, Ruth has her sights set on acquiring more exposure for her apparatus.

From November 27 to November 29, Ruth intends to participate in the SAYESS National Science Fair to be held at the University of Pretoria.

Winners at the event will be awarded medals, prizes and can represent South Africa at international science fairs during 2020.

With Ruth’s Portable Purifying Water System allowing the less fortunate and those living in rural areas to have access to clean water, she is eager to leave her mark at the upcoming event.

However, she does require sponsorship. Ruth will need R5000 to be able to participate in the event. This will include accommodation and travel expenses.

If anyone can assist Ruth, they can contact her mother, Rachel Archery on 065 317 9806 or via Whatsapp on 076 139 4645.

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