Children give their hilarious definitions of the municipality, politicians and Facebook

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In a world where honesty does not reign supreme and where us adults are constantly voicing our strong-willed opinions. It is always refreshing and quite humorous to ask some young Newcastillians their opinions on these serious topics.

There is no one more honest than a child, therefore, for a bit of humour, the Newcastillian asked eight children three simple questions:

  1. What is a politician and what is it that they do?
  2. Do you know what a municipality is and what it does?
  3. What is Facebook and how does it work?

These eight children do not leave us disappointed with their quick-witted and humorous answers.

Here are some of their best answers:

Nabeela Seedat

Nabeela is a rather perceptive little girl with her answers regarding Facebook and what a municipality is. “Facebook is something on your phone and a municipality is someone who gives you work.”

Kyra Wade


We have a future social media persona right here with Kyra. “Facebook is where you put photos and people like them,” Kyra smiles

Okuhle Mnisi


When asked what a politician was and did, Okuhle quickly responded, “Politicians have big beards and take photos.”

When it comes to what municipalities do, Okuhle seems to have come much closer to the mark. “A municipality is like a bank that shares money,” she laughs.

Awande Ngobeni

Awande seems to be a future businesswoman in the making, seeing the potential in social media. “Facebook is somewhere you can get money from,” she smiles.

Emile Snoer


Facebook has billions of users, but what is Facebook really? Is it a social media platform where friends and family communicate? Is a business tool? Or is it where like-minded people gather to share their thoughts?

“I don’t know, at my house we just watch movies and tv series,” Emile explains.

Gabriella De Gouveia

In a world where politicians often formulate plans to keep their respective political parties in the run, Gabriella has high hopes for their intellect and daily work. “Politicians are almost like scientists.”

Does Gabriella know what Facebook is?

“Facebook is where you share videos that people send you,” she smiles.

Xander Smit

Now, this little guy will not have the fleece pulled over his eyes. “Politicians are a running competition. And the municipality cuts off your electricity if there are issues with Eskom.”

With his quick and rather spot-on answer, does Xander know what Facebook is?

“It is where people share photos, videos and things in some kind of space,” he explains.

Unays Vawda

When it comes to what politicians are and what they do, the answer is logical. “They test your eyes,” Unays says rather seriously.

The Newcastillians hopes these youngsters put a smile on your face, preparing you for an awesome day.

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