Water supply to return to Sunnyridge and Pioneer Park

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After nearly two days without water, there is finally a glimmer of hope for Newcastillians living in Sunnyridge, Pioneer Park and Ncandu Park.

On Sunday morning, October 27, a number of residents woke up without any electricity. The situation took an even more bitter turn when the water supply was cut off to certain areas.

Allegedly the interruptions resulted from the reservoir near Sunnyridge being empty. It is believed this is due to the electrical pumps inability to pump water to the reservoir.

While expectations were high, following the return of the electricity, these hopes were dashed when nightfall rose and there was still no water. Residents were left fuming this morning, October 28, when the water still had not returned.

Dr Dumisani Thabethe, head of Newcastle Municipality’s Communication Department, claims, “The municipal manager, on behalf of the Newcastle Municipality, wishes to apologise unconditionally to the residents  of Pioneer Park Sunnyridge and Ncandu Park for the water supply interruptions they have experienced.”

He further assures the water supply will be restored in approximately two hours.

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