Sherika Ramsaroop, a woman of strength and compassion

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In a world where fashionistas such as Kim Kardashian are idolised, there are a handful of women who resonate an aura of strength very few celebrities can compete with.

One such woman is Sherika Ramsaroop, whose passion for life and helping others is unrivalled. But what makes Sherika stand out from the crowd?

In February 2018, Sherika went for a routine mammogram after discovering a small rash. During the check-up, doctors found suspicious cell-behaviour. A discovery which saw her travelling to Durban for further testing. It was then she discovered that she had breast cancer.

“I was advised to get a mastectomy and in order to lower my risks of getting breast cancer again, I opted to get a double mastectomy.”

Undergoing the procedure and a few follow-up operations, Sherika cast aside all fear in her quest to regain her health.

“I have had reconstructive surgery, as I am 36 years old and still have a few jeans and t-shirt years left in me,” she smiles.

Despite undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Sherika has maintained a passion for her community and is involved in Newcastle Child Welfare, the Hindu Women’s Forum and Newcastle Active Citizen’s Association, to mention but a few.

“I first became involved with the Child Welfare through my mother, who has always been an active member. During my school days, I was the child who would sell the red noses at school. Upon finishing my schooling career, I became an active member.”

From joining the Child Welfare, Sherika quickly became involved with other non-profit organisations, always striving to give back to the community.

Sherika Ramsaroop
Sherika Ramsaroop with her family.

It is being involved with community organisations that Sherika feels she was able to combat cancer and remain positive.

“Being involved in the community definitely changed my mindset. From a young age, my mother taught my sister and me to never dwell on the problems on hand, but rather to be a part of the solution. Now, as an adult, I do not believe in complaining. If I have a problem, I work towards the solution.”

This outlook on life has ensured she does not dwell on self-pity, but rather grow as an individual and learn how to deal with the problems on hand,

“Everyone deals with difficulties in their own way, but with cancer and most issues, 80% of the battle is won inside your mind. When meeting other people with cancer, you are often able to see who the survivors will be, because they are trying to fight back and conquer it.”

With her never say die attitude, Sherika is a true legend within the Newcastle community. Always rising up to the occasion and contributing to the community.

“I strongly recommend people to get involved within the community. Unfortunately, we have reached a level in society where too many people feel entitled. This behaviour needs to change. Rather get involved and be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem,” Sherika concludes.

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