Pornhub shares what South African women really want? Well done ladies!

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When it comes to watching dirty movies, men always seem to get the raw deal, forever the suspected pervert. However, it seems women have been hiding their dirty laundry and it’s about to get aired. Thank you digital media and your awesome stats!

Pornhub’s 6th annual review, which covers the year of 2018, shows just what types of porn got its users hormones pumping during the year.

While many are adamant that size doesn’t matter, 2018 was a rather big year for the porn site with visits totalling a staggering 33.5 billion. That’s 5 billion more people visiting Pornhub than in 2017.

The top 20 countries visiting Pornhub consists of the United States in first place, followed by the United Kingdom and India in second and third place respectively. Believe it or not, South Africa is also on the list as one of the top 20 countries to visit the booming porn site

The question to ask is where do woman feature in the quest for porn? I mean, normally men are seen as the hunters of graphic content.

Pornhub’s reviews cover just how many women visited the site and what their preferred searches are. (Stop blushing and read on).

With women making up 29% of the site’s visitors, Pornhub explains that 151% more women search for Lesbian porn than men. It seems women also prefer Gangbang, Double Penetration and videos of guys with big… You know what I mean, right?

But where does South Africa stand? How many South African women visit Pornhub and what are their favourite searches?

A total of 35% of South African visitors to Pornhub during 2018 were women. Their preferred searches? Well, Ebony comes in as a top favourite among female visitors with +167% searches, followed by Ass standing on +109% and hardcore coming in at +97%.

While some might find this a tad bit shocking, at least South Africa isn’t as weird as Germany, Netherlands and Japan’s women who seem to enjoy urination for some odd reason. I won’t even talk about Ukraine.

Pornhub’s review shows that German women seem to have a thing for feet, with 277% search rate. Someone needs to contact the police to keep an eye on Mexican women, as one of the top three porn searches among Mexican women is the school porn category with an 81% search rate.

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Women from the United States seem to enjoy Ebony as well, as well as the Interracial and Latina categories, whereas Brazilian women enjoy the Brazil, Transgender and Cosplay categories.

On a global basis, women search for gangbang videos 108% more often than men. Women also search for hardcore porn videos 80% more often than men, who would have guessed that? Women also searched for “feline” licking 281% more than men.

What about age groups?

Women between 18 and 24 years of age are 81% more into hentai. Women between the ages of 35 and 44 appear to be 29% more into double penetration.

Women who are 65 years old and older, like to watch videos where wrist exercises are involved if you get my drift.

The world is all about equality. And if you are a person who does not believe in gender equality, then you need to have your head read. Woman are beautiful people, who like men have needs. And through the digital age, those needs are met online!

Well done ladies and we look forward to showcasing your search habits over the upcoming years! #womenpower #independantwoman

What are your thoughts on Pornhub’s statistics? Share your views and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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