Darrel Brown and Company celebrates 30 years of success

Planning for your financial future can be a daunting task, requiring extensive research and forecasting. Yet there are businesses which ensure your financial planning runs as smoothly as possible.

One such company is Darrel Brown and Company. With extensive experience in the financial planning industry, this business sports a dedicated financial planning team, who ensure their clients receive professional, efficient and reliable financial advice and ongoing service excellence.

On Tuesday evening, October 22, Darrel Brown and Company celebrated its 30th anniversary.  

Karen and Darrel Brown with Pieter Bester and Steve Brown.

Held at the Coach and Stables, the event saw Darrel Brown and his team enjoy an evening of celebration with an array of guests, toasting to Darrel Brown’s success over the last three decades.

With over 31 years’ experience in the financial industry, Darrel explains Tuesday evening’s celebrations marks his 30th anniversary as working as an independent financial planner. A milestone of note. “I am ecstatic about it. It all came so quickly,” he smiles.

Servicing a large scope of clientele throughout the years, Darrel explains he has lived by a motto, which has greatly assisted in securing his success.

“My motto is, if you have an honest day’s work, you get an honest day’s pay,” he says. Always striving to ensure he conducts an honest day’s work, Darrel also emphasises that developing strong relationships with the community and his clientele has also assisted in ensuring his brand name was worth its weight in gold.

During the evening’s celebrations, Darrel Brown and Company also joined forces with Old Mutual Wealth and brought motivational speaker, Joey Evans to share his story with guests.

Joey Evans with Darrel and Karen Brown, Pieter Bester and Steve Brown.

Joey explains his motivational talks revolve around his 10-year journey from a paraplegic to becoming a Dakar Rally Finisher.

“I was paralysed in 2007 while racing motorbikes, and then in 2017, I raced in the Dakar Rally and finished it,” he smiles.

Through his 10-year journey, Joey explains he faced numerous obstacles and challenges. However, he also found a lot of support from his family and friends, finding victories along the way to recovery.

With his motivational talk alongside Darrel Brown’s 30th anniversary as an independent financial planner, the evening’s event left guests filled with positivity, reflecting the importance of perseverance and dedication.

Bradley and Carol Wade.
Lukas and Charmaine Walker.
Harold and Driekie Dedekind.
Shannon and Timothy Bezuidenhout with Sandra Hedges.
Lynn Dowsett, Shanee Charters and Gordon Dowsett.
Evan Andreou, Pieter Bester and Donny Bruce.
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