Let’s get random: Black Coffee, Jack Parrow, Biggy and some dude called Adolph?

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Jack Parrow

When it comes to love or hate, no one will get you to either of the points quicker in SA music quite like my main man, Zander Tyler aka Jack Parrow. This large-cap toting, true South African hails from Durbanville in the Cape, has toured the world, collaborating with dozens of artists and he owns expensive chickens…

Releasing some of the coolest songs, pumped with lekker patriotic, meaning-filled lyrics. You know, those get-a-tear-in-your-eye-even-though-you-call-yourself-Boet-and-do-cage-fighting-with-Tim-from-the-Gym, kind of lyrics. His controversial music has even seen him being kicked off stage during shows by upset town folk. But never the less, he has persisted and now enjoys fans around the globe.

Jack started rapping with his good old buddy, Keagan Cloete; aka no one cares. Cause, clearly Parrow had the skills to pay the bills and old Keagan didn’t. His first hit came with Cooler as Ekke and since then old Jackie boy has been surfing the South African soundwaves to glory.

Interesting fact on the South African brandy man. Jack has 11 chickens. They live in a double story chicken coop in his back garden and feed on imported worms from Switzerland. Delicious and cultured poultry.

Black Coffee

My twerking end just starts to bounce when this gifted artist comes to mind. I am speaking about none other than Black Coffee. You know, that cool old dude who makes sick beats.

If you come from Newcastle, you will hear at least 28 people say when mentioning Black Coffee, that he was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal’s angry city, aka Newcastle.

However, this is utter horse pooh. Nkosinathi Inno Maphumulo was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape.
This vinal spinning chart-topper studied Jazz and climbed the ranks by being a backup singer for Madala Kunene.

He then went on to form a group with some mates and rocked that sh*t so hard he was chosen for the 2003 Red Bull Music Challenge, which kicked him into stardom. 

Black Coffee is still climbing the ladder and his fame is burning brighter than ever before. Recently he appeared with heavy Trev (Trevor Noah) on the Daily Show. 


“Dames sê my wat jou naam is,” has become the new South African anthem. Being played non-stop by every oke, old folk and bloke.

This dude’s music is to 2019 what Paris Hilton’s “home video” was to social media back in the day. His hit song has quickly become the equivalent, to 2010’s make the circle bigger by JR. Brining reams of people together from all walks of life, in the name of Dames.

Adrian Entwistle, aka Biggy, is a 23-year-old chap who came out of nowhere. This chart-topping track is everyone’s dirty secret, as most will state they hate it, but after a few cold ones, everyone is cranking it up and getting down.

Abdullah Ibrahim

Our last artist on the list is Adolph, no not the upset German one, but rather Adolph Johannes Brand aka Abdullah Ibrahim

This South African pianist is a hip-cracking 85-years-old and is considered as the leading figure in the subgenre of Cape Jazz. Which is saying a lot, as the Cape loves two things, Jazz and a flat mountain.

In the ’60s, he chucked it out of SA and lived in New York, only returning to Zuid-Afrika in the ’90s. This piano slayer toured the world over, playing alongside many well-known artists. 

This Cape hero not only produced epic music but produced an underground rapper son too… Jean Grae. Yip, that is his name. His name is as gangster as a warm scarf on a winters day. 

Never the less I leave you with this thought. Support your local artists, even the crap ones. Go to events, even the Cape Town ones… Because without our support, our musicians will never know the level of success American and K-POP artists have come to take advantage of.

Supporting local is not just lekker, you are transforming someones dreams and unquantifiable efforts into a tangible reality. (Sorry Newcastillians I just got, Chris de Burgh deep there).

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