Aviation fans flying high at Newcastle Airport

A plane takes off the tarmac, soaring into the Newcastle skies. In fact, Newcastle Airport is a hive of activity, with several planes either taking off or landing.

But, before Newcastillians allow their wanderlust to set in an attempt to book a ticket at the Newcastle Airport, these were no ordinary planes.

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On Thursday, October 17, the Rand Model Aircraft Club flew into town. Their mission? To spend four days at Newcastle Airport with their hosts, Newcastle Model Aircraft Club. Four days dedicated to indulging in their passion for aviation.


“We come to Newcastle on a regular basis, coming between one to two times a year,” says Chris Allsop of Rand Model Aircraft Club.

During the course of their visit to Newcastle, Chris explains they enjoy four days of relaxing, enjoying their hobby to the fullest.

“The runway at Newcastle Airport is well maintained, which makes it enjoyable coming here. Then there is the Newcastle Model Aircraft Club who really take care of us and it’s just great interacting with others with the same interests,” he adds.

Newcastle Model Aircraft Club chairperson, Trevor Wolfaardt, says the four-day visit is one which both clubs enjoy, its members learning from each other while escaping their daily routines and enjoying hours of uninterrupted flying.

With ideal weather conditions, the four-day event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Eric Bell works on his model Hawker Hunter.
Ronald Donaldson with his model aircraft.
Louis Kruger with his model aircraft, a half-scale representation of a Tipsy Niper.
Newcastle Model Aircraft Club chairman, Trevor Wolfaardt.
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