Newcastle Bowls Club hosts annual Kings Bowls Day

Laughter, camaraderie and the love for bowls were the order of the day, as Newcastle Bowls Club host the annual Kings Day.

The event, which is sponsored by the Kings Group, which includes Kings Liquor, Sasol Kings, and both Hutten Park and Pioneer Park Pick ‘n Pay, saw a staggering 42 teams enter.

“With 126 players, this is the first time since the competition started that all the greens were filled,” explains Michelle Steele from Newcastle Bowls Club.

Players from Dundee, Ladysmith, Colenso, Vryheid, Piet Retief, Volksrust and Newcastle all pursuing victory in the much-loved annual event.

Kings Day
Trevor Hutchinson in action.

With the Kings Group sponsoring the day, from the food to the prizes, Samantha Shaw, of the Newcastle Bowls Club, says the bowls club wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to the group. Their efforts and willingness to always going the extra mile is deeply appreciated.

But, with the Kings Bowls Day proving to be a favourite among bowls players in the area, how did the day originate?  

Hannes Willemse of the Kings Group explains the bowls day began 10 years ago.

“My grandmother initially started the bowls day and it was a major success. From there we continued supporting the initiative. In return, the Newcastle Bowls Club has always shown appreciation and they support us in return.”

Furthermore, Hannes explains the bowls day is a community-based event, which doesn’t only see the Kings Group put back into the community, but also invites visitors from out of town.

Kings Day
Dirk Badenhorst, Hannes Willemse, Hennie Willemse, Bert-Jam Willemse and Chester Walters from the Kings Group.

With the various teams enjoying a hot summer’s day on the greens at the bowls club, the winners of the day were Urcilla Mulder and her teammates, Flippie and Bertus van Vuuren, the team hailing from Piet Retief.

Audrey Lindstrom and her team from Volksrust clinched second place, while Katy Osborne and her team, also from Volksrust secured third place. Willie Nel and his team from Dundee followed in fourth place.

Congratulations to the winning teams.  

Kings Day
Eugene Erasmus shows how it’s done.
Sue Hutchinson sets her sights on the win.
Lindsay Steele sends her ball down the greens.
Kings Day
Matha Buthelezi in action.
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