Newcastillians run with their emotions at Emoji Fun Run

Emoji Fun Run

Laughter fills the air on Saturday, October 19, as an array of people gathers outside Kintsugi Wellness Centre, Mediclinic Newcastle.  

As a vibrant atmosphere surges through the crowd, it’s clear this is no ordinary gathering. This is the annual Emoji Fun Run. An event which sees the Newcastle community participate in the 4.5km fun run/walk to raise awareness about mental health.

Emoji Fun Run
Hasaanah Gangot, Karen Goosen and Ann Parboo.

A taboo topic for many, suicide and mental health is often ignored by people. Their emotions bottled up as they try and maintain a façade, not reaching out for help. It is for this reason that the world celebrated World Mental Health Day on October 10, the theme being that of Prevention of Suicide.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) reporting 800 000 people dying annually through suicide, the Emoji Fun Run/Walk is about breaking away the stigma pertaining to mental health. An event which focused on encouraging people to educate themselves on mental health, while reminding those with mental health issues that they were not alone in their struggle.

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As young and old participated in the Emoji Fun Run, the day was a success, Newcastillians rising up to the challenge to show their support for mental health awareness.

Emoji Fun Run
Nomcebo Ngobene and Jabu Jele.
Emoji Fun Run
Leon and Jared Naicker.
Emoji Fun Run
Christel and Danell Trenerry with Nomcebo Ngobene.
Emoji Fun Run
Val Smith and Elaine Beeslaar.
Emoji Fun Run
June and Daniel Burger.
Sizakele and Sandiso Kani with Abigail and Alisha Premnath.
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